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Lamb - The Cuts

1. Leg / gigot
Products: Joints, steaks, strips.
Cooking methods: Roast, pot roast, pan fry, stir-fry, grill,

BBQ or stew. Leg of  lamb can be roasted bone-in or

boned, rolled and tied with a stuffing of your choice.

Steaks can be grilled/pan fried whole or cut into strips

for a stir-fry.
2. Shoulder
Products: Joints, steaks, diced (for stewing), mince.

Cooking methods: Roast, pot roast, pan fry, grill, BBQ

or stew. The shoulder joint should be cooked slower

and longer than leg joints for a tender result.

Diced products could be marinated and skewered.
3. Best end / rack of lamb
Products: Joints, cutlets, noisettes.
Cooking methods: Roast, pan fry, grill or BBQ. Ribs are often cut into little
chops known as cutlets which can be grilled or pan fried. Alternatively, the rack of lamb is the ultimate roasting joint for lamb lovers.
4. Chump and loin
Products: Joints, steaks, noisettes, chops, canon.

Cooking methods: Roast, pan fry, grill or BBQ. Loins can be roasted but are more commonly available as quick cooking cuts as loin cuts can be very lean.
5. Neck
Products: Joints, diced.

Cooking methods: Stew, casserole or slow braising. Ideal for diced products, lamb neck provides fantastic meat for stews and curries.
6. Shank and shin
Products: Joints.

Cooking methods: Braising or casseroling. Lamb shanks are fairly lean and should be slow cooked whenever possible to allow the strands of meat to come apart easily.

7. Breast / flank
Products: Joints, mince.

Cooking methods: Braise, casserole or slow roast. Generally used most with a stuffing – slow roasted.

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