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Morroccan Lamb

Fast food with a difference - perfect for using left over lamb - served with a focaccia of your choice.

Turkey Holstein

Simple, tasty. A breakfast a brunch or even a starter for a fine evening dinner.

Thai Burgers

An exotic taste that can be a simple supper or a great party food where you make up your own combinations.

Warm Turkey Salad

A perfect starter or lunch that lets the flavour of the roasted tomatoes and water cress boost the sweetness of the turkey.

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Crispy Haggis

Is it a starter or a brunch or simply a very nice, light supper making haggis more than just a Burns Night meal.

Lamb Tagine

Bags of flavour, exotic spices and a sweetness from the apricots, which brings out the flavour of the lamb.

Lamb Shish

Why bother with a take-away when it’s so quick and easy to do at home. Adjust the spice to your own taste and enjoy the flavors.

Fish Pie

Stunning rich taste perfect on its own or served with steaming hot vegetables and crusty bread.

Lamb Filled Peppers

Whether hot or cold they are the perfect light lunch or evening snack.




Central heating on a plate - perfect for cold nights, full of flavour and sweet tasting thanks to the kidney and black pudding.

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Turkey Skewers

Fast food that is perfectly simple and can all be done in advance of eating - perfect for a special occasion of party.

Turkey Sweet & Sour

Fast food that is perfect whatever the weather, fragrant and satisfying but also just that little bit special.

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