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The Perfect Steak

Make every morsel mouth-watering. Following a few simple steps will guarantee that you taste the quality of Scotch Beef PGI in every bite.
Top tips for cooking steak

  • Remove steaks from the fridge at least 15 minutes before cooking as this will enhance their tenderness after cooking.

  • Always preheat the grill or pan before starting to cook the steak.limit turning to only once – halfway through cooking.

  • Rub the steak with oil on both sides then season with salt and black pepper. Try using groundnut oil as it can withstand high temperatures without burning.

  • Don’t over handle the steak. Try to 

  • Finally, allow the meat to rest after cooking.

  • Let it rest

Resting allows the meat to relax aftercooking. During searing, grilling or frying, meat juices are drawn to the surface to combat the source of the heat. Relaxing gives the juices time to go back into the meat so that it is juicy and succulent all the way through.
Use our handy guide to get your cooking and resting times right every time.

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